Robert Hooker

Police Procedures and Firearms

Certified and licensed for over 32 years, working as a patrol officer, Investigator, field training officer, firearms trainer, situational shooting instructor, and policies and procedures manual writer, I continue to serve as a Township Marshal/Chief Police.

I have investigated and reported on numerous firearms incidents, and provided courtroom testimony relative to those investigations. I have utilized the “FATS and Range 3000” systems in qualifying officers in firearms situations. I have been responsible for hands-on training in the field to develop new officers and provide ongoing training for active, currently serving officers.

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction & Testing

Over 32 years as a police officer and Marshal (in Colorado and Michigan) have given me extensive experience relating to accident investigation and reconstruction through my professional involvement in both the investigative and reconstructive phases of traffic, watercraft, aircraft, and machinery accidents.

In June of 1985, the company I founded, Eliseco Systems, began an association with Mechanical Systems Analysis Inc., a Denver, Colorado based mechanical engineering firm, where we perform various vehicular tests such as those to determine vehicle handling and stability characteristics. Other tests involve the evaluation of glass retention, roof crush, occupant retention and collision, seat belt usage and fluid absorption. During this time, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Kaplan, I developed the Eliseco Emergency Avoidance Maneuver (EAM) test. The EAM test was accepted by the United States Air Force in evaluating vehicles purchased under contract with the U.S. Government and has also been accepted by engineering firms and courts throughout the country.

I have testified as a vehicle testing expert witness to the performance and results, and rendered opinions with regard to the tested vehicles. As a police officer, I tested vehicles for purchase as police vehicles with regard to high speed performance, handling, braking and functional comfort.

Drag Racing

I participated in drag racing in the Unlimited Pro Class, and was licensed by the National Hot Rod Association and the International Hot Rod Association. I have reviewed and certified racing drivers for licensing qualification. In 1998, I won the Unlimited Pro Drag Racing World Championship and in the course of doing so set class elapsed time and mile per hour world records.

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