Eliseco Systems, in business over 30 years, employs professionals with years of experience in criminal and civil investigations, accident reconstruction, and firearms training and has a complete testing facility, one of only a few such in the U.S. See Automotive Testing.

We provide a report that is both comprehensive and easy to understand, and test results, photos, and videos (high definition and slow motion capable).

As we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate data and results possible, we stand behind our investigation and tests and will provide expert witness testimony in deposition or court, if required.

Robert Hooker has been qualified and testified in numerous states as well as the Federal Court System. Read more about Elisco Systems and Robert Hooker.


Accident Reconstruction

In automotive accident investigation and reconstruction we work closely with several engineering firms, with dozens of years of experience in varying disciplines and expertise areas. This ensures a case is thoroughly examined and tested for litigation or investigative purposes. We conduct various testing procedures on vehicles of all makes and models, from compact cars to semi-trucks, special vehicles (such as military) and off-road vehicles. We provide automobile products liability testing along with crashworthiness. Read more about Elisco Automotive Testing.

Firearms Testing

Because of our vast law enforcement experience in firearms (use, repair/disassembly, tactics, safety) and investigations, we can provide analysis of a firearm failure or investigation involving a firearm (accidental discharge, suicide, homicide). We conduct firearms testing and failure analysis on a range of weapon systems. Elisco Systems has on staff and contracts with factory-certified armorers as well as engineers to analyze and detect problems, if any, in the weapon system. We also do wound pattern testing.

Police Procudures

We consult and testify regarding police policies and procedures, police officer standard of care, use of force, vehicle and foot pursuits, police officer involved shootings, law enforcement training, including "shoot-don't shoot" situations, and firearms training and procedures.

Learn more about Police Procedures and Firearms.

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